UFO's and Aliens are Real? Former NASA Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Pass Lie Detector Tests on Alien Encounters, Claims Report
Buzz Aldrin, Photo Credits: Getty Images

Do aliens exist or not? This age-old question has never found a convincing answer. While various UFO sightings make us wonder what the extraterrestrial force is all about, no government or other official bodies have ever agreed to it. Although there are plenty of claims of alien encounters by astronauts, no strong evidence ever came by.

However, a recent report in UK tabloid the Daily Star claims that four NASA astronauts including Buzz Aldrin claimed to have had alien encounters during their Apollo 11  missions has been scientifically proven right. The report that is being widely shared on social media also states that the Buzz Aldrin and others have passed lie detector tests in the "alien" claims.

The report quotes Aldrin who had earlier said, "There was something out there that was close enough to be observed, sort of L-shaped."

The report says Aldrin has "passed lie detector tests over claims they experienced alien encounters". It goes on to explain that astronauts' accounts of "strange space sightings" were examined using the "latest technology" and that the experts were "completely convinced" of their claims.

According to the report, The Institute of BioAcoustic Biology in Albany, Ohio,

"carried out the complex computer analyses of the astronauts' voice patterns" during the examinations. It says the technology used it a top secret, however, is reliable than current lie detector tests. The technology, it said scans people's voices to understand them. The new system could even replace the one currently used by the FBI and police.