Today, you get the option of both Internet TV and cable TV. The basic difference between these two is that Internet TV uses the internet to deliver content whereas cable TV uses wires and satellite. This basic difference leads to many other differences. 

In this article, we will talk about the main reasons why Internet TV is better than cable TV. 

Better Features

Internet TV offers more features than a simple cable TV. A cable TV simply showcases a list of channels. There are no advanced features present. On the contrary, Internet TV offers various services such as the App Store. 

You can install any music streaming apps, social networking apps, photo-based services, etc. All of this is not present in cable TV. 

Hence, an Internet TV can function as both cable TV and a computer with its diverse features. 

Convenience and Flexibility 

The best part about Internet TV is its convenience and flexibility. You get access to a wide variety of shows, movies, and channels from all around the world. You can also decide when to watch something. If you have paid for the streaming services, you may not have to watch commercials either. 

Cable TV comes with restricted channels. If you want more, you may have to contact your cable TV provider. Most cable TV shows are available on Internet TV too. Moreover, there is no flexibility in cable TV as you cannot pause, rewind, or watch something later.  

Improved Viewer’s Experience 

Internet TV offers an improved viewer’s experience if you have a proper internet connection or WiFi. There is a better video and audio quality compared to cable TV as streaming services, like Netflix and Amazon, Zee5, etc have 1080p HD and great sound quality.

Additionally, Internet TV also works well in harsh climatic conditions as the cables or antenna of Cable TV may get affected. 

However, the only issue with Internet TV is if there are related to internet issues. For instance, Netflix keeps buffering due to slow WiFi or internet speeds which can ruin your experience. Also, sometimes, the shows may freeze on Internet TV. But overall, these services provide excellent user experience while Cable TV lags way behind.

Affordability and Customization

Many people have a misconception that cable TV is more affordable than Internet TV. But, if you look at the bigger picture, Internet TV offers a lot more than cable TV at a minimal price. 

With Internet TV, you get unlimited access to shows, movies, and news from all around the world. You also get exceptional video and audio quality. With the right streaming services, an Internet TV is the ultimate solution for families. 

Another benefit of Internet TV is you only pay for what you watch. So, you can customize your preferences. With cable TV, you may have to pay for channels that you haven’t watched in ages!

No Cable Installation Required

Gone are the days when people had to get cables and antennas involved to stream their favourite shows. Internet TV offers a cableless and antenna-free experience which can save you a lot of time and effort. There is absolutely no setup or labour cost. 

Also, let’s not forget how you had to adjust the antenna after heavy rainfall or storms. With Internet TV, you don’t have to go through this hassle. If there is an issue, you just need to call your Internet provider. 

Stay Connected To The World 

Internet TV allows you to stay connected to the world. It provides exposure to various global channels, shows, movies, and news that are not found on cable TV. 

Initially, many of us had to install movies or series from different countries and export them to a pen drive or hard drive to watch on the big TV screen. Or we watched them on our laptops or computers. 

With Internet TV, you don’t have any region restrictions as there are various streaming services available to serve the purpose. 

Explore New Shows and Movies as Per Your Preference 

Internet TVs have in-built algorithms that take note of the kind of shows and movies you prefer. This is quite convenient as the suggestions you will get are based on your preferences only. So, you can watch your type of shows and movies without spending a lot of time searching for them. 

Our Verdict: Due to these reasons, Internet TV is better than cable TV.