Twitter, the microblogging & social networking giant has temporarily rolled out a 'Quote Tweet' feature in its Retweet button ahead of US Presidential Election 2020. This feature aims to encourage users to add their thoughts via 'Quote Tweeting' rather than boosting others' posts by just simply retweeting. Retweeting previously was a two-click procedure where users chose to simply retweet. Now, in this new feature, the quote window opens automatically to encourage new thoughts. Twitter has brought this new feature to help prevent abuse & spread of misinformation ahead of November 3rd US Presidential Election 2020. Here's how you can add your thoughts while retweeting. Twitter Down: Microblogging Site Says 'Investigating' After Massive Outage Reports.

1. When you click or hit the retweet button, Twitter will bring up the Quote Tweet composer prompting you to write something about that tweet before you share it.

2. You don't have to write anything if you don't wish to while retweeting, just leave the composer blank & hit the retweet button like you normally do & that's it.

Apart from this, Twitter will also not show 'liked by' or 'followed by' recommendations from people you don't follow. As per the company, the Quote Tweet feature will be in place from today till at least the end of US Presidential Election 2020 week.

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