New Delhi, December 8: Popular messaging app WhatsApp has introduced a new privacy feature allowing users to send voice messages that disappear after being listened to once. WhatsApp rolled out "view once" voice messages for its users. The "view once" voice message feature is extension of WhatsApp's existing "view once" functionality for photos and videos rolled out in 2021.

Industry experts see the introduction "view once" voice messages as part of WhatsApp's broader push to enhance privacy protections and differentiate itself from competitors. The addition of disappearing voice messages provides users, especially those sharing sensitive information, more control over their communications. WhatsApp New Feature: Meta-Owned Messaging App Will Soon Let You Share Status Updates on Instagram.

"View once" voice messages are marked with a distinct one-time icon for Android and iOS Users. After the recipient opens the message, it is automatically deleted from the chat. This prevents unwanted reuse or resharing of private audio content. As with all WhatsApp personal messages, these ephemeral voice notes remain end-to-end encrypted.

Importantly, disappearing voice messages cannot be forwarded, saved, starred, or shared. They do not get backed up and hence cannot be restored if deleted. The app also prevents taking screenshots of such multimedia received. This update comes as part of WhatsApp's broader focus in recent years on enhancing privacy protections and security around online communications.

Learn How You Can Send a “View Once” Voice Message on WhatsApp

To use the feature, WhatsApp users can tap the microphone icon when chatting, and then swipe up to lock the recording. To begin, press and hold the record button, then swipe up to lock it. Locking the recording is necessary to activate the “View Once” icon, which is a circle with the number one inside it, in the bottom right corner. Tap it to activate it and a timer will be added to the message. You’ve completed the task by hitting Send. Recipients can listen to the voice message once before it disappears forever. WhatsApp New Feature Update: Meta-Owned Platform Testing ‘Channel Forwarding’ Feature To Let Channel Owners Forward Messages to Their Channels.

Recipients must have WhatsApp read receipts enabled to see confirmation of the message being opened. If not opened within 14 days of sending, the message expires and is automatically deleted.

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