NV Ramana, CJI Speaks Of ‘Rule of Law’, ‘Independence of Judiciary’, And Cautions Against Media Trials

INDIA Team Latestly|

Chief Justice of India, NV Ramana spoke at the 17th Justice PD Desai Memorial Lecture on a range of topics, and focused on how the execution of justice can and should strengthen democratic processes in India. CJI Ramana differentiated between ‘Rule of Law’, and ‘Rule by Law’, saying the latter was used by the Britishers as a tool of repression by creating different systems for the colonisers, and Indians. He also cautioned against being swayed by media trials, and ‘the noise thus amplified is not necessarily reflective of what is right and what majority believes in. The new media tools that have enormous amplifying ability are incapable of distinguishing between right and wrong, good and bad and the real and fake.’ He also made his stand clear of what he believes is the role of judiciary, and how it should execute its duty, as ‘Judiciary cannot be controlled, directly or indirectly, by legislature or executive, or else rule of law would become illusory’.

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