Afghanistan: 14 Killed In Suicide Attack on Ulema Gathering in West Kabul
Suicide Attack on Kabul (Photo Credit: ANI/File Image)

Kabul, June 4: At least 14 people including seven religious scholars and four security personnel were killed in a suicide attack on Ulema gathering in Kabul. Muslim clerics had gathered to issue a fatwa against suicide bombings. The bomb exploded in west Kabul at the entry of a giant tent near residential buildings.

No terrorist organisation has claimed responsibility for the attack. The Taliban is conducting terror strike to re-establish itself in the country after it was ousted in 2001 in the hands of United States-led troops. According to media reports, more than 2,000 scholars from across the country began meeting on Sunday at the Loya Jirga (Grand Council) tent. The main of the meeting was to denounce terrorism and to establish peace in the region so that foreign troops should leave Afghanistan.

The scholars issued a fatwa against suicide bombings and appealed the Taliban militants restore peace. On May 30, gunmen armed with assault rifles and grenade launchers stormed the heavily fortified headquarters of the interior ministry. The gunmen battled security forces for more than two hours. In April, at least 26 people were killed in Kabul in two explosions including nine journalists.