Bill Gates Carried a Human Poop Jar in Hand To Support China's Toilet Revolution
Bill Gates along with a jar of poop (Photo credits: Twitter)

Sanitation is a problem faced not only in India but the world over and as the population goes on rising, the facilities aren't enough. And to solve the toilet problem in China, billionaire Bill Gates had to take a poop in his hands! At the Reinvented Toilet Expo in China, Bill Gates carried a jar of human faeces. Talking at the forum about the future of toilets, he spoke of the sanitation problem that has been affecting all the developing countries in the world. While addressing the audience, Gates pointed at the jar of faeces and discussed how he spent many years researching in the field. There were sanitation products that were also on display, which will destroy the bacteria and prevent any kind of disease.

Gates joked at the conference and said, "I have to say, a decade ago I never imagined that I'd know so much about poop. And I definitely never thought that Melinda would have to tell me to stop talking about toilets and faecal sludge at the dinner table." The philanthropist has used a considerable amount of his fortune in order to provide better sanitation facilities to so many people around the world. At the Reinvented Toilet Expo hosted by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, they showed newer toilet technologies like sewers which would be easier and cheaper to install. Bill Gates Praises 'Condom King' Mechai Viravaidya for His Contribution in Thailand’s Population Control.

China boasting of the largest population is notorious for smelly bathrooms so President Xi Jinping has started the "toilet revolution," to improve the condition of sanitation facilities. Talking about their improvements, Gates said, "China has made great progress in improving health and sanitation for millions of people. China has an opportunity to launch a new category of innovated non-sewered sanitation solutions that will benefit millions of people worldwide."

Lack of sanitation can cause several diseases like cholera, diarrhoea and dysentery kills hundreds of people every year. The foundation said the reinvented toilets will roll first in public spaces and then when they costs decline, the households can afford it. This new technology will save water as well. It will separate liquid and solid waste and remove harmful by-products which spread the diseases. Gates has been working hard for years on a machine that even transforms poop into potable water.