Online marketing expert and entrepreneur, Ian Bentley, sheds more light on how social media platforms and their algorithm can affect businesses online negatively

Ian Bentley has more than established himself as a brand in the business world, especially in the area of digital marketing. The graduate of University of Florida was able to build an online marketing company that focused on lead generation for businesses in the automotive industry, starting the business from scratch and building it to become a dominant force in the industry before selling it for 8 figures after seven years. Ian Bentley's experience as an entrepreneur and digital marketing expert has helped his personal brand as he currently consults for several multinationals even after selling his company.

Ian unexpectedly identified social media as a possible obstacle for businesses, especially organizations that generate their traffic from the likes of Facebook and Google. Ian's submission on social media and it's effect on businesses seemed controversial at least until he set the records clear.

"Like everyone in the world, we use top platforms such as Facebook and Google as the main sources of traffic. When those companies come out with algorithmic updates, there sometimes can be a negative shift in your results. Rolling with the punches and adapting quickly allowed us to stay at the forefront of delivering quality referrals on a consistency basis, and at scale," Ian Bentley stated when he was asked about the obstacles he faced in his entrepreneurial journey.

The steadfast Ian Bentley was however able to navigate his way through the challenges that the dynamism of social media and other obstacles brought as he built a brand in the digital marketing space. The passionate entrepreneur continued to learn from as many sources and platforms as possible to empower himself and grow as an individual and brand.

"Understanding Why they update their algorithms, accepting them and quickly adapting, rather than cursing the 10,000 pound gorilla, always allowed us to pivot and come out of the other side in a better position," Ian said about overcoming the obstacles.

Ian Bentley has moved on from achieving the seemingly unprecedented feat of selling a company for 8 figures, 7 years after building it from ground zero, as he continues to share his wealth of knowledge and expertise with businesses as well as young aspiring entrepreneurs.