World's Most Expensive Car Number Plate 'F1' is up on Sale For Rs 132 Crore
Photo Credits: Unsplash/Representational Image

Haven't you heard stories of people boasting about the extra thousands they shed to get that particular number plate? Here is one such number plate which will generally end up ten times expensive than the car itself. The most-sought after number 'F1' is now on sale in the United Kingdom. And if you want your hands on it, then be ready with Rs 132 crore! Yes, that's what you have to pay to get the costliest number plate.

And what makes the number plate so special and expensive? The fact that F1 stands for Formula 1, that's it. The number plate is currently fixed on a Bugatti Veyro owned by Britain-based Afzal Kahn, owner of Kahn Design. Kahn got the number plate earlier this year for Rs 10.52 crore. The ad states that the actual price is Rs 110 crore, however, 20 percent of VAT and transfer fee brings it up to Rs 132 crore.

Citizens of UK own their vehicle's number and can hence sell or auction them. Kahn who is UK's leading supplier of official number plates also has many other number plates on sale on Regtransfers. Some of his clients include Hollywood celebrities like David Beckham and Wayne Rooney.

In 2016, Indian businessman Balwinder Sahani bought a Dubai license plate 'D5' for Rs59.9 crore. He had bought it at an auction for his own Rolls Royce. The owner of a property management company had also purchased another Dubai plate for 1 million dirhams. In Dubai, shorter number plates are considered a symbol of being rich and hence frequent auctions are held for the same. Another plate with '1' was sold in 2008 for Rs 66 crore.