An Angry Swara Bhasker Lashes Out At Abhijeet Bhattacharya For Calling Women 'Fat' and 'Ugly'
Swara Bhasker calls out Abhijeet Bhattacharya (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Swara Bhasker is brutally honest be it on social media and otherwise. She knows exactly how to shut people up who talk nonsense. Speaking of which, singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya recently made a statement where he called victims of sexual harassment "fat and ugly". It so happened that a former flight attendant alleged that 20 years ago, Abhijeet grabbed her by her wrist and pulled her closer after she refused to dance with him. When she denied, Abhijeet screamed in her ear, “B***h, what do you think of yourself, wait till I teach you a lesson,” before almost kissing and nibbling her ear. MeToo Movement: Woman Who Accused Abhijeet Bhattacharya of Sexual Harassment Alleges Misconduct by 3 More Men.

Denying her claims, in an interview Abhijeet said, “I don’t know against whom should I take action. Why should I give attention to that person? You are giving it importance not me. Most of the people who are coming out right now are dirty, ugly people. Koi mota hai koi patla hai. No one deserves (the attention). Just to grab some attention they are coming out. Most of the fat and ugly girls are blaming and I wasn’t born at that time."

Check out Swara's tweet here-

Swara lashed out at the singer, who has earlier also been accused of misbehaviour with women, on Twitter. She said, "Matlab totally shameless!," sharing the link where Abhijeet has demeaned the women who claim to be sexually harassed by him.