Bigg Boss 12: WTF! Salman Khan to Charge Rs 14 Crore Per Episode?
Salman Khan as Bigg Boss 12 host (Image Credit: Stock Photo)

Before your eyes pop out of your collective skulls, lets us validate if the news is authentic or just another piece of complete bullshit!  Salman Khan is back with his stint as the Bigg Boss Host now to commence in its 12 the season. Fans can't keep calm as Bhai turns into a taskmaster....errr a teacher in the recently released promo that had the megastar's fans go absolutely berserk. The 52 year old is seen doing antics like only he can in these visuals and fans are pouring their response over this!

But mind-boggling Rs 14 crore per episode? Really? It was hinted that Bhai will charge in the range of Rs 12 to 14 crore per episode for the reality show. It's a known fact that Salman Khan as the host in indispensable as Bigg Boss has tried and tested many hosts in its previous seasons but not to much glory. It's only when Salman Khan came on board the TRPs skyrocketed. Some follow only weekend ka vaar with Salman segment only to watch the superstar's inimitable style!

" First its Was Rs 90 lakh per episode which was then raised to Rs 1.20 crore per episode for Salman Khan when he had started out. Later the remuneration was hiked and he was reportedly paid between Rs 3 to Rs 5 crore per episode. But 10-14 crore per segment looks like a swelled out report and someone is exaggerating by using the figment of one's overactive imagination." claims a source from the production team of Bigg Boss show.

"Any Bollywood star worth his salt, and we are discussing an A-lister here, would charge money in that bracket for a film. Salman charging Rs 12-14 crore seems a bit odd proposition. But we don't know if that price has come with other conditions such as additional promotional gimmicks and endorsement for the show," wonders our source!