Akshay Kumar’s House Gets Nearly Broken In by a Crazy Fan and You Have to Blame Google for That!
Akshay Kumar (File Image)

In India, both films and movies are considered religions and like with every religion, there are some crazy followers. Recently, Akshay Kumar got a taste of that, when a fan tried to break into his housing society. As per reports in the media, Ankit Goswami, who was 20 years of age, hailed from Haryana and claimed himself to be a die-hard fan of Akshay Kumar. Apparently, he found the address of the actor from Google and then left his village Datauli in Sonipat, Haryana to go to Mumbai. Akshay Kumar Tweets Video of PM Narendra Modi Speaking in 'Pariksha Pe Charcha 2.0'.

After reaching Akshay Kumar's housing society, the man was stopped by the security guards there. After failing to get an entry, Ankit tried to get into his house by climbing the building wall. However, his attempts proved to be futile, as he was caught by the guards and handed over to the police. An officer told PTI, "He climbed the wall at 1.30am and entered. He was spotted by the guards, who got a hold of him and alerted the police." This Video of Akshay Kumar Claiming He Gets More Love in Pakistan Than Anywhere Else Is Going Viral!

Juhu Police, who arrested the fan, claims that Ankit wanted to meet Akshay to know if he can help him get in Bollywood. They also clarified that the fan had no intention to harm either Akshay or his family members in any way.