Mumbai, May 30: Actor Ali Fazal is standing by theatre artistes in Mumbai who have been rendered jobless owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. Ali is backing an initiative that has put together a video raising awareness towards the plight of theatre actors in times of the current pandemic.

The music for the video has been scored by Nishant Raja. It is written by Amitosh Nagpal, who has also conceptualised the video with Maneesh Verma.

Speaking about it, Ali said: "It was important to talk about the situation of theatre actors at a time when the lockdown has gone on for almost eight weeks. Amitosh Nagpal is the centre point on all of this."

"Most actors in the industry owe craft and learning to theatre. And yet, there's a step child-like treatment meted out to them. It's important for us to stand up for our fraternity and stand by each other in these difficult times. Some known personalities are creating a database to help the technicians and crew members who have been rendered jobless due to the lockdown. The actors are still able to take the leap and be part of virtual performance shows. We need to make a start somewhere to help the theatre community," he pointed out.

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