Alok Nath Files Defamation Suit Against Writer-Director After Being Accused of Rape
Twitterati calls out Alok Nath. Picture Courtesy: Twitter

In the wake of the #MeToo movement in India, Alok Nath has been accused of rape by a female director. The case dates back 19 years ago. The writer-director worked closely with Alok on a hit TV show in the '90s. The actor faced a severe backlash from the media and the fans. Now, Alok has filed a defamation suit against the writer-director.

After the director's Facebook levelling accusations on Alok went viral, Sandhya Mridul came out in her support. Sandhya recalled her own unfortunate encounter with Alok. 

Two days back, Alok's lawyer had hinted at the defamation case against Sandhya and the director. While a case has been filed against the director, it is unclear at the moment if Sandhya, too, will face the legal repercussions for opening up against Alok.  Lawyer Ashok Sarogi had earlier said, “All the complaints are false and there is no merit in it.”

“A person waits for 19 years and then comes out with the case and after that to support her case, other persons join her. This by itself indicates that something is being done purposely, only to malign his image and nothing beyond that,” he told the media. As per a report by CNN News 18, a criminal case has been filed against Alok as well

In the meantime, another actress, Deepika Amin,  came out in open to accuse Alok of sexual misconduct on the sets of a film they worked on years ago.

Talking about Alok's sanskaari image, actress Himani Shivpuri had said in an interview, " Media it seems was ill-informed about his image. Everybody knows what kind of a person is. Some things are open secret in the industry," she added.

The #MeToo movement has only begun in India. Expect bigger names to surface as alleged sexual predators soon.