Coronavirus Scare: Mini Mathur Shares Best News Ever From China That Will Comfort You!
Mini Mathur Shares Big News Trickling In From China (Image Credit: Facebook)

While people are grappling to come to terms with how the novel coronavirus found its way to humans, many research scholars opine that it has emerged from the Chinese city of Wuhan where a large number of  wild animals are stocked in a market. It's common knowledge that Chinese eat even the rarest of wild animals and they even use these animals in their traditional medicines. The source of the covid-19, and the spread of the Coronavirus, is blamed on bats, snakes or pangolins.

And now the new bit of information that has tricked into our bay is this: Wuhan is slowly, but steadily lifting the lockdown, as no new cases to be found there. What is even more heartening is the what Bollywood actress/anchor Mini Mathur (director Kabir Khan's wife) has shared on  her Twitter account. "China Permanently Bans Consumption Of Wild Animals"  Mind the Malhotras Review: Like Any Family, Mini Mathur and Cyrus Sahukar’s Comedy Works Despite Its Flaws

Earlier Mini Mathur received brickbats on Twitter for supporting singer Kanika Kapoor who in spite of being diagnosed with Covid-19 chose to attend events quite irresponsibly and recklessly, thereby putting lives of hundreds and thousands of people in grave risk.

It would be pertinent to note though that  Mini won our vote though by inviting fans to come forward in these difficult times to support each other and show solidarity. She urged people to share whatever they can with others in order to minimise the impact of the pandemic.