Radhika Apte Is NOT That Conventional Bollywood Actress and She Deserves to Be ‘Omnipresent’!
Radhika Apte roles. (photo credits: movie stills)

Radhika Apte is currently all over the social media. Her presence on Netflix has given her the title of ‘Omnipresent’. To be honest, there were indeed some creative and funny memes which made everyone laugh. However, on a serious note, these meme makers forgot the fact why she is ‘omnipresent’! Her career graph is full of unconventional roles and bold experiments and if that’s the case with anyone, she has to be omnipresent.

On her 33rd birthday, we would like to peep into the reasons why she is one of the most sought-after actresses. Do you remember the audience’ first memory of her in Bollywood films? It was in Shahid Kapoor and Amrita Rao’s Waah! Life Ho Toh Aisi. The girl in that film probably did not know then that she would be the face of OTT platform after a few years.

We all know how Bollywood is obsessed with the ‘fair skinned’ actresses. Of course, this norm is gradually going away thankfully, but Radhika has been on the other side of this cliched minded industry. Her dusky and attractive appearance actually makes her stand apart. Also, I don’t think I have seen her hiding behind a bulked up hero who fights the goons. Neither have I seen her waving her pallu in the Alps mountains anytime. 7 Times When Radhika Aced Her Style Game

Now, how many actresses, working in content-driven popular films, would easily blend into the role that needs nudity? How many of them would go for it after getting married? Not many, right? Because all of them are not Radhika!

She does not mind working in different spaces providing the content and the role has good substance. Regional films, Short films, Mainstream Hindi films, content-driven off-beat films and web series, you name it and she has it in her CV. And then, you mock her for being omnipresent? Not fair! All these reasons are enough to prove why she is not that conventional Bollywood heroine and we are proud of her!