Roohi released on March 11 and till the theatres were shut due to the second wave of COVID-19, the film was still earning gingerly. In its halted run, the film managed to earn Rs 23.25 crore at the box office which is the highest any Hindi movie has earned this year. COVID-19 limitations were in place during its release as well and yet it managed to come close to its budget of Rs 25 crore. In fact, Mumbai Saga, a heavyweight film with the likes of John Abraham and Emraan Hashmi in the lead couldn't manage as much at the box office. It earned Rs 17 crore. If that's not enough, Roohi has set itself at number 1 on Netflix for seven days now which proves people are interested in the film. Bollywood Box Office Round Up 2021: Godzilla Vs Kong Becomes The Highest Grossing Movie In The First Quarter

Although Godzilla Vs Kong is the highest-grossing movie in India presently with over Rs 45 crore in its pockets, the horror-comedy managed to keep hopes up for the Bollywood side. Every other movie apart from Roohi and Mumbai Saga, has only managed to earn below Rs 1 crore. Roohi: Mika Singh Reveals Why He Laughed a Lot While Recording the Song ‘Bhootni’

Now if we talk about Netflix, a lot of movies that miss the love from the theatre, find a lot of takers on the streaming site. Madam Chief Minister was also on the list of top 10 most-watched content in India for a few days. So we wonder if it's a correct measurement of a movie's popularity.

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