Boycotting Pakistani artists did have a few casualties and no, it's not just Fawad Khan. Atif Aslam too was lost to this ban. Even when he wasn't singing for Bollywood movies, his songs were quite popular in India. A lot of his compositions were used in Hindi movies too like "Aadat" in Zeher. It's this very song that has started a Twitter trend involving the Pak-singer. Twitterati is busy translating his songs into English to hilarious outcomes. In fact, some are so good we couldn't even figure them out instantly. Atif Aslam, Sara Bharwana’s Newborn and Elder Son Ahad Are the Latest Internet Sensation (See Pics)

So what happened? Well, a social media user revealed that an Islamabad girl called Atif's "Aadat" as Habit and it took the person some time to understand what was she getting at. That led to a chain of tweets where Aslam's fans had a rollicking time translating his songs.

Momentary talks

The heart is such a .....

Rang sharbaton ka, what's next?

Dil diyan gallan kare?

Noisy friend!

Distance and longing

Pehli nazar mei, kya hua?


How many of these translations did you get right? Do let us know!

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