Stella Maxwell Gets Restraining Order Against Man Who Threaten to Rape Her
Stella Maxwell (Photo Credits: Getty Images)

Los Angeles, November 2: Victoria's Secret model Stella Maxwell has received a temporary restraining order against a man who allegedly threatened to rape and shoot her.

Stella filed legal documents against a man named Ruben Velazquez who, she claimed, came to her house uninvited and has been issuing threats via Instagram over the past few months. Among his threats was one to set her house on fire, according to a report. She also claimed that the man made several unwanted visits to her home and sent messages to her on Instagram.

"I'm thinking of burning your house... buy a shotgun with long range and leave you lame". I will find you... You are going to have to kill me, I will leave you in a wheelchair," the messages read. Stella obtained a temporary order requiring Velazquez to stay 100 yards away from her.