Bepannaah Written Episode Update, August 15, 2018: Sakshi Arrives at Hooda House During The Party
Photo Credit: Colors TV/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of Bepannaah starts with the party in full swing at the Hooda House. The press is all over the place. Noor and Arjun bond over a drink as Noor is proud of her sister's achievement.

Aditya(Harshad Chopda) spots Zoya(Jennifer Winget) and is lost in her. Noor admires Aditya and Arjun gets jealous. Zoya tells Adi that she managed to speak to her father.

Adi is asking her more, but Anjana interrupts them. Zoya diffuses the situation by saying that Adi has prepared a speech for Harsh and Anjana. Zoya then introduces Adi onstage and also announces his speech.

Adi walks up, but he gets stuck. Zoya signals him to speak from his heart. Adi gives an emotional speech and says that before being their parents they are Harsh and Anjana who are in love.

They have managed to come a long way. Adi promises that now he when he falls in love it will be forever and he will protect his love with all his might. Adfi says that he has learnt how love is both friendship and love.

Everyone is touched by his speech. They go on to present a slideshow of the memories of Harsh and Anjana. The nurse at the hospital realises that Sakshi has escaped.

Adi pursues Zoya and asks her what her father told her. There at the hospital, everyone panics as Sakshi has escaped. Zoya announces that Anjana and Harsh are going to exchange garlands. Adi imagines him and Zoya together.

Now everyone forces Harsh and Anjana to propose and also dance. Now there is a swapping dance. Sakshi arrives at the Hooda house gates and thinks that now Anjana's game will end. Aditya decides to propose to