Bepannaah Written Episode Update, July 11, 2018: Zoya Becomes a Successful Event Planner in Six Months But Misses Aditya All The Time
Photo Credit: Colors TV/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of Bepannaah starts after a leap of six months where Zoya(Jennifer Winget) is seen walking into a wedding venue where she lights up the fireworks and says that she had promised she would light them up when the groom arrives.

She says that she always keeps her promises. Akansha, Shawn and the others meet her and tell her how their decorations are just perfect. Akansha tells Zoya that at times she feels Aditya's spirit is in Zoya.

Zoya becomes silent and starts thinking. There at home, Arjun tries to surprise Anjana with a party invite for Anjana and Harsh's 35th wedding anniversary. Anjana gets even more upset and says that it has been six months and she has not even heard Aditya's(Harshad Chopda) voice.

She says that she cannot act happy when she is not. Arjun feels sad that all his efforts to bring happiness home are going waste. Arjun tells Harsh that Aditya had made him promise he would take care of the family but now he seems to be failing at it.

Harsh tells Arjun that he has been a good son. Arjun sits down to write to Aditya. He tells him that Anjana refuses to be happy and loves him so much. Arjun tries calling Sakshi but she does not take the call, and Arjun wonders why Sakshi does not take his calls at the first attempt.

It is revealed that Sakshi is bound and gagged as her phone rings. Sakshi hopes she could only tell Arjun somehow that she is in trouble. Arjun is under the impression that Sakshi left for the US the same day that Aditya left home.

Sakshi somehow manages to open her bondage and tries picking up the call, but soon a disguised person hits her on her head and drags her away. Noor calls Zoya who is busy paying her vendors.

Noor tells Zoya about some big day that is tomorrow for Zoya and also that Roshna is worrying about the function so Zoya should return home. Zoya lies that she is on the way and stuck in traffic.

Later Akansha does a video call, and Noor spots Zoya at the venue. Zoya promises she is just leaving as she gets scolded by Roshna. Zoya reaches home and cooks for her parents.

Her father gifts her an earring and talks about a function which is huge for Zoya the next day. They speak about what Zoya will wear and how she would prepare.

That night Zoya and Noor discuss about her dress for the function. Noor finds a broken eyelash hair on Zoya's cheek and asks Zoya to make a wish. Zoya is hesitant, but finally, she does make a wish.

That night she is woken by the storm and hopes that if only on the biggest day of her life she had her closest friend with her. She wonders where Aditya is.