Bigg Boss 12: A Twitter User Threatens to Throw Acid on Dipika Kakar, Surbhi Rana Comes Out in Her Support
Dipika gets acid attack threats, Surbhi comes out in her support (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Bigg Boss is not just a reality game for some of its viewers. They take it pretty seriously and to an extent that they don't mind threatening the contestants publicly. While admirers often worship their beloved stars and everyone has his/her favourite contestant inside the house, but the haters and their hatred cannot be even. And Dipika Kakar is the latest name to fall in one of such hate clubs. A Twitter user has threatened to throw acid on Dipika's face simply 'cos he didn't like her gameplay in the BB house. Yes, the reason is quite petty but the threat seems quite serious and should not be ignored. Bigg Boss 12: Surbhi Rana Makes Some Surprising Revelations About Sreesanth, Dipika Kakar Post Her Elimination.

The tweet by the use reads "Kitna ghaitya aurat hai ye makki tu ekbar live re devorcy aurat tujhe kitna troll karenge tujhe pata nehi tera dipstar ne had kardi saree bohut bura kaha abhi tera personal life pe hum attack karenge dek lena tu aur main Mumbai main hun agar tu mujhe dik Jaye acid fekke marunga. It's alarming and Dipika's fan has already alerted Mumbai police for the same. However, Surbhi Rana, who was a staunch opponent and an arch rival of Dipika inside the house has come out in support of her. Vikas Gupta to Dipika Kakar: You Played The Game So Well That Even Runner-Up Sreesanth Also Loves And Respects You!

When SpotboyE got in touch with Surbhi to get her reaction she was fuming with anger. She said, "We all may have had our favourites, but we must learn to respect the final vote count. It’s a game, and the winner is selected by the highest number of votes. There should be no confusion and no outrage.” She further added, “This guy, whosoever he is, is insane. The police should take immediate action and track him down wherever he is placed. He should be slapped really hard.” We certainly hope for police to take strict action against this Twitter user.