Bigg Boss 12: Anup Jalota Claiming His Love For Jasleen Matharu Is Fatherly Can Easily Be The Joke Of The Year!
Jasleen Matharu and Anup Jalota (Photo credit: Twitter)

Anupa Jalota is a character Bigg Boss fans love to hate! And now fans hate him, even more, post his eviction from the house as he has gone on to claim that his love for Jasleen Matharu is fatherly! This is disgusting! He is the same man who would happily receive kisses hugs and kisses from Jasleen every morning. He is the same man who chose to go on a romantic date with Jasleen. In fact, he is the very man who was looking at their lovey-dovey audiovisual at the beginning of the show with so much excitement.

Jalota received much flak for his alleged relationship with the girl. He is 65. and Jasleen in 28. There were jokes made and memes crafted about the duo's relationship. Jasleen's father too was seen reeling under the shock of her daughter's revelation that she is in a relationship with her own guru-someone who would come to Jasleen's house to teach her, as reported. The family members had no clue that this was going on between the two. Bigg Boss 12: Exclusive! Nehha Pendse Betrays Fans By Demanding More Money To Come Back?

 But now that Jalota is out of the controversial show, he has changed the narrative completely. In fact, the story has been turned upside down. Jalota now claims that he was supposed to enter the house with Jasleen as Guru-shishya jodi. Jalota also claims that Jasleen was whisked away by Bigg Boss team in a hotel where she was apparently asked to stage this relationship. Now isn't this utter rubbish?

Clearly, the veteran music singer-composer is lying through his teeth and Jasleen's father who has produced some really shady films in the past is on Jalota's side--and this has added injury to the insult. We are now waiting for Jasleen's story . Once she is out of the house, we are sure she will give her accounts. And fans are already assuming that her tale will be equally shocking!