Bigg Boss 12: Karanvir Bohra Plays With Dipika Kakar's Undergarments, But Shilpa Shinde Makes It Worse By Attacking His Wife Teejay Sidhu
Shilpa takes another dig, this time at Karanvir's wife

Everybody has a right to have an opinion. This is what Hina Khan often said on Bigg Boss 11. And we totally agree with her. But taking nasty digs at someone masquerading as opinion is what last season's winner, Shilpa Shinde has been doing when it comes to a few contestants of Bigg Boss 12. Shilpa has been following the show very diligently this year and keeps tweeting about Sreesanth, whom she is supporting aggressively. But she is also mocking a few contestants, like Dipika Kakar and Karanvir Bohra.

We saw how Shilpa made fun of Dipika's emotions a few weeks back when she was not on good terms with Sreesanth. And she made snarky comments on Karanvir after his wife Teejay Sidhu wrote an open letter to the team of Bigg Boss 12, after host Salman Khan went over-board with mocking her husband on the show. Now Shilpa took a dig at Teejay's open letter yet again. Let us explain. Bigg Boss 12, 28th November 2018 Episode Written Updates: Sreesanth Asks Rohit Suchanti To Come With him In The Bathroom.

So in an unseen video on Voot, Karanvir and Rohit Suchanti are seen looking for their undergarments. This is when Karanvir picks a bra and tries to throw it at Rohit, but realises it's not a right thing to do after Rohit points it out to him. But then Surbhi throws the same bra at Karanvir and much to our surprise he picks it up again and puts it on his head, while laughing uncontrollably. This is when Surbhi says the person whose lingerie they are playing with will feel bad if they see it and suggests it's Dipika's. Check out the video right here:

But what is disturbing is Shilpa's tweet on this. The former winner has given her two cents on this, by attacking Teejay and tweeting this to her:


A lot of her fans think that she has stooped to a new low by attacking a contestants' family member. Some of them are regretting that they supported her last year:

We really can't understand what's wrong with Shilpa. Why is she doing this? It's been a year since her season came to an end, but clearly she still has the Bigg Boss hangover.