Bigg Boss 12: Srishty Rode Got This Gift From Rohit Suchanti When She Was Leaving The House
Rohit gave a very cute gift to Srishty when she was leaving the Bigg Boss house

Much to the surprise of many viewers of Bigg Boss 12, Srishty Rode got eliminated from the show last weekend. Of course, her fans were disappointed and sad, so was Karanvir Bohra as he shared a close bond with Srishty. Apart from Karanvir, Srishty shared a good rapport with Rohit Suchanti as well. However, Rohit was trying to be over friendly with her, thereby putting her relationship with boyfriend, Manish Naggdev in jeopardy. Srishty was not comfortable with the housemates linking them together, after which she started to maintain a distance from Rohit. But things were sorted out and by the time Srishty got eliminated, they were good friends.

So much that Rohit ended up giving a personal life to Srishty as she was leaving the house. Srishty took to her Instagram stories to share the picture of that gift that she got from Rohit. It's a cool band that Rohit always used to sport and Srishty used to play with. “Friends forever (That’s his band, he gave me while I was leaving the house)” Srishty wrote atop the picture but not without tagging Rohit. Of course, he can't see this post because he is still inside the Bigg Boss house. But all of us can. Bigg Boss 12: Srishty Rode's Latest Tweet For Karanvir Bohra Will Remind You Of Your BFF.

Take a look:

Talking further about this gift, Srishty told Mumbai Mirror, “Rohit gifted a band of his to me. I used to play with his band in the house. So, when I was exiting the house, he gave me the band. He's been really nice and I have been nice to him too. So yeah, we are going to be great friends outside.”

Well, that's really sweet, isn't it?