Sidharth tells Rashami to not come in between his and Asim's fight as she might get hurt. Asim overhears this convo and when Rashami comes and talks to him, he reminds her that Shukla is the man who was behind her from day 1 of the show. Riaz also adds that Sid was also the one who ripped off her beau Arhaan Khan's shirt. Well, looks like things are getting sour between Asim and Rashami. 

After the merry go round game, Arti, Rashami and Mahira become the contenders for the elite club membership. So we will have a girl winner this time!

After the merry go round game, Arti, Rashami and Mahira become the contenders for the elite club membership. So we will have a girl winner this time!

Asim in conversation with Rashami and Vishal discusses how Shukla was the one who provoked him and also said ill about his father. Amidst the same, Rashami tells Asim not to discuss the topic right now. Later, Riaz tells Desai to not be so protective for Shukla and stop listening to him. 

Sidharth asks Rashami that did she see Vishal getting off the horse to which she agrees. Desai then goes out and tries to talk to Asim about his sanchalan, but the boy tells her to zip it up as he is in no mood to discuss. 

A pissed Sidharth also makes it a point and tells all that no one will participate from his team if Vishal doesn’t get off the horse and is disqualified from the task. 

It so happens that Vishal Singh while adjusting himself on the horse gets off it for a bit and this thing gets noticed by Shukla. Sid tells sanchalak Asim to disqualify Vishal as he out of the game. To which Asim says NO and the task then turns into an abusive and ugly fight between the two boys. Amidst the same, Asim also pushes Sidharth. However, this doesn’t stop Sidharth who goes on to make a personal comment on Asim’s father.

Arti Singh, Rashami Desai and Mahira Sharma grab the horse seats. Upon the horse's buzzer, Desai leaves the merry go round and chooses, Vishal Singh, as her replacement. 

Bigg Boss announces a new Elite Club task. The house has a merry go round wherein 3 horses are placed in the garden area. In total, 4 buzzers will be part of the task. On the first buzzer, 3 contestants have to grab their spots on the horses. A horse buzzer will ring after which one contestant has to get down and elect another contestant as their replacement. The contestant already seated will then have to convince this contestant to get down. After the 4th and final buzzer, the 3 remaining contestants will get to contend for the Elite Club membership.

Arti raises a concern and tells Asim that he should not poke his nose in Rashami's matter. To which, Riaz claims that he was just helping Desai as Paras was not doing his work. Chhabra does not like the accusations on him and yells at Asim. The house turns into a riot as the majority of inmates blasts at Asim.  

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Bigg Boss 13 is nearing its finale, but the drama inside the house is in no mood to take a pause. As after a thunderous Weekend Ka Vaar, it’s time to witness a spiced-up night once again. As if we go by a glimpse of tonight’s episode, things are going to get ugly better Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz once again. This time the fight between the boys will take place during the elite club membership task. While Shukla will blame sanchalak Asim for being biased, Riaz, on the other hand, will be seen starting the chaos. Bigg Boss 13: Himanshi Khurana Opens Up on Being Accused of Shehnaaz Gill’s Suicide Attempt, Says ‘Khud Hi Controversy Karo Fir Khud Disturb Bhi Ho Jao’ (Read Tweet).

Cut straight to another fight inside the BB 13 ghar, the full house will charge up against Rashami Desai and Asim Riaz. It will so happen that Desai will request Paras Chhabra to perform his daily chores on time. From then will start the mayhem and continue for a long time. Stay tuned to LatestLY for more such gossip from BB 13. Bigg Boss 13: Arjun Bijlani Slams Sidharth Shukla’s ‘Aisi Ladki’ Comment for Rashami Desai, Says ‘Talking About Anyone’s Character Is Characterless in Itself’.