Game of Thrones 8: Ed Sheeran Fans, Did You Spot This Easter Egg About His Cameo in the First Episode of Final Season?
Ed Sheeran During the Shoot of GoT (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Fans of Ed Sheeran had a surprise a couple of years back when it was announced that the 'Shape of You' singer is going to make a cameo in Game of Thrones. His cameo came about in the first episode of the seventh season of the show, where he played a soldier in Cersei's army. We first heard his voice, as his character and his fellow unit members have a little rest near a forest, when Arya Stark stumbles upon him. After interacting with them for some time, she leaves and we don't know what happened to him or his friends. Game of Thrones Recap: 7 HOTTEST NSFW Sex Scenes in the Show That Pushed the Envelope When It Came to the Risque Content – Watch Videos.

Well, not exactly. The premiere episode of the final season of Game of Thrones gives us a hint of what happened to Ed Sheeran's character and his friends. During that infamous foursome scene between Bronn and three prostitutes, the girls are discussing how Daenerys Targaryen's forces and dragons attacked Cersei's army (the hero of the battle being Bronn himself) in the last season.

One of the girls then says, "That boy Eddie came back with his face burned right off. He’s got no eyelids now." This mostly is a playful wink by the writers to Ed Sheeran's cameo and tells us of the horrifying predicament the character is in. Ed Sheeran Finally Reveals That He Is Secretly Married or Does He Not?

Here's the Ed Sheeran cameo from Game of Thrones:

Interestingly, Ed Sheeran's cameo got widespread criticism from GoT fans for standing out in the episode like a sore thumb. The singer got so much (unfair) backlash for his part that he had to delete his Twitter account later. In an interview to Buzzfeed, Ed even wished that he would have been happy if the show could have killed his character in that episode itself. It looks like the showrunners are having a cruel joke at his expense by making him survive a brutal attack only to leave his character heavily scarred!