Independence Day 2019: How to Dispose Off The Indian National Flag Respectfully According to Flag Code of India
Indian National Flag- The Tricolour | (Photo Credits: Unsplash)

India will be celebrating its 73rd year of Independence on August 15, 2019. Various programmes and events are held on this patriotic occasion which sees hoisting of the Indian tricolour flag. It is the duty of every Indian citizen to respect the National flag and it does not limit to only saluting the flag. And unfortunately many a time, we see Indian tricolour used in celebrations lying on the ground the next day, like it means nothing. According to the Flag code of India, there is a certain way in which a tricolour should be disposed off. Ahead of Independence Day 2019, we tell you the correct way of disposing of the Indian national flag after an occasion. Independence Day 2019 Flag Hoisting Rules of India: How to Unfurl the Tricolour or the Tiranga on August 15.

The Indian National Flag is a symbol of pride and it would definitely be disappointing to see it being tarnished. Since most flags that are used in functions are made up of cloth, over time they get tattered. The Flag Code of India, 2002, has given rules for the proper disposal of the tricolour. There are two ways of disposing of the national flag- either by burning or burying. Evolution of the Indian National Flag Tiranga From 1906 to 1947 (Watch Video).

How to Dispose off Indian Tricolour

Section 3.25 of Flag Code of India, 2002 states, "The Flag, when it is in condition that it is no longer fitting allegory of display; it should be destroyed in a respectful way, rather by burning."


Collect all the flags to be disposed of in a box. Fold them and place it with respect. Bury the box in the soil. Observe a moment of silence after the flags are buried.


Choose a safe place to burn. Even if the flags are going to be burned, it is important that they are not soiled. So clean the flags well. First, light a fire and then respectfully place the folded flags in the fire. The flags should be burnt with dignity. Maintain a minute-long silence while the fire is burning.

Watch Video of Rules of Unfurling of Indian Tricolour:

Nowadays, there are a lot of NGOs which volunteer to pick up the flags after a celebration. You could help them in collecting the flags. The best ways to avoid such wastage and disrespect towards the National flag is to stop using the plastic ones completely. If you are pinning the small tricolour flags to your attires, then it is your responsibility to dispose of it properly or take care of it with as much respect. Just saluting to the tricolour does not make you a patriot. So this Independence Day, try and be responsible towards the nation's sign of pride and flaunt it rather than putting it off the ground.