Jammu & Kashmir: Students Break Open School Lock After Politics Delays Inauguration of New Building
Image Used for Representational Purpose Only | (Photo Credits: Wikimedia Commons)

Jammu & Kashmir, June 11: Students in Jammu and Kashmir have set an unique precedent. After politics and one-upmanship delayed the inauguration of a school building, students broke open the lock and have started attending classes after teachers agreed to teach. The students and parents had been complaining for long about classes getting delayed due to the politics over the inauguration of the new building. Frustrated with no response either from the administration or the local representative, the students broke open the lock so that classes could begin in the building.

According to a report in news channel Mirror Now, the students and teachers were frustrated with the politics played over the inauguration of the school building. According to the news report, the inauguration was being held up as it was to be decided by the authorities as to who would inaugurate the building.

The teachers as well as the parents of students had used all possible means including approaching the district administration  and requesting authorities but to no avail. Disappointed with the approach, the students decided to break open the building themselves so that classes could resume. And now there are visuals showing the classes have indeed resumed and students are happy attending the class in the new building as they had complained to unhygienic and bad condition of classrooms in the old building.