Lottery Sambad 2020 Results Today: Check West Bengal, Sikkim, Nagaland and Kerala Lottery Results of January 13 Online at
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New Delhi, January 13: The results for Lottery Sambad 2020 for the states of West Bengal, Sikkim, Nagaland and Kerala will be announced at 11.55 am, 4 pm and 8 pm on Monday, January 13. Individuals can check the results online on the official website of Lottery Sambad- People who purchased the Sambad Lottery Tickets can check the lottery results online at 11.55 am, 4 pm and 8 pm for Sikkim, West Bengal and Nagaland respectively.

The Sikkim state lottery sambad result will be announced at 11:55 am on Monday, followed by West Bengal state lottery sambad result at 4 pm and Nagaland state lottery sambad result at 8 pm. Also, apart from these three states, the lottery results for Kerala Lottery will be out today and can be viewed online on the official website. Individuals can check the results online on the above mentioned website to win exciting cash prizes.

The Sikkim Lottery for Monday is named as 'Dear Cherished Morning'. The lucky winner of this lottery is eligible to get Rs 1 crore. In West Bengal, the lottery for Monday is named as 'Dear Bangalakshmi Raidak'. Meanwhile, the lottery for Nagaland for Monday is called as 'Dear Eagle Evening' and the winner will get a prize of Rs 1 crore.

The lottery results of lottery sambad 2020 lucky draw is held three times a day. The lucky draw takes place every day in West Bengal, Sikkim and Nagaland. The first draw is held at 11:55 am, the second draw is held at 4 pm and the third one is held at 8 pm everyday.