Jhansi: Brave UP Policeman Throws Burning Gas Cylinder in River, Risks His Live to Save People; Watch Video
Image used for representational purpose | (Photo Credits: PTI)

Jhansi, Sep 11: A brave police officer in Jhansi risked his life and threw a burning cylinder in the nearby river, saving lives of many in Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday. It was the police officer's presence of mind, bravery and prompt action that averted a major mishap in Jhansi. In a video that went viral on social media, Mauranipur city Police Inspector Premchandra is seen pulling the cylinder out of the house in Jhansi and throwing it in the nearby river, saving lives of many from the blaze.

The incident took place when a man was making tea in his house and suddenly the cylinder caught fire. As soon as people of the locality came to know about the fire, they alerted the police about it.

WATCH: Policeman throws burning cylinder in the nearby river

Soon after, Premchandra rushed to the spot with his team to take a stock of the situation. People panicked and ran away from the area where the blaze took place. The brave officer pulled the cylinder out of the house with the help of a rope and covered it with a wet blanket and threw it in the nearby river. His prompt action saved the lives of all of them living in the locality as the cylinder would have exploded anytime, as it was already on fire.

When asked, the brave policeman said that as soon as he came to know about the incident, he left his meeting and rushed to the spot with his team. He said he left the Police station with a blanket, taking into consideration the fire incident.