The Fourth of July is celebrated as a national holiday in America. On July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was adopted, which led to America becoming an independent nation then. This year, Americans will observe the 246th birth anniversary of their country. As you celebrate the US Independence on this day, it's crucial that you must know everything about the creation day such as the Fourth of July 2022 date, its significance and more about its history.

On the 4th of July, people celebrate America's birthday by participating in parades, baseball games, fireworks, hosting dinner meet-ups, family get-togethers, etc. Homes and government places are decorated with red, white and blue to mark the significance of this special day. So, if you're looking forward to having complete knowledge about the Fourth of July celebration, read about the date, day, significance and history of the US Independence Day below. Fourth of July 2022 Greetings, HD Images, US Independence Day Wishes, WhatsApp Messages, Telegram Quotes, Wallpapers and SMS.

Why Do We Celebrate the 4th of July? Fourth of July 2022 Date and Significance

On this day, the US became an independent nation in 1776. As the festival itself signifies the date, the Fourth of July 2022 will fall on July 4, Monday. So, Americans will get to observe a 3-day long holiday this year. The grand celebrations will take place in the entire country, including the illuminations, sparkles, carnivals, concerts, parades and other public events. Parties will be conducted with family and friends coming together to celebrate the festive day in full fashion. Streets will light up with beautiful decorations taking around the city. Traditional summer food, including hot dogs, burgers, mocktails, etc., will be prepared for the big night. Special desserts will be made to add distinct flavours to your sweet tooth. This makes the first week of July the busiest travel period in the United States as people take the opportunity of a long weekend to go for a short vacation and spend their festive day in the most lively manner. Fourth of July 2022 Dessert Recipes: From Patriotic Strawberries to Cheddar Apple Pie, Easy Delicacies To End Dinner on a Sweet Note!

Fourth of July History

On July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was ratified by the Second Continental Congress, which officially declared America as an independent nation. Before America got its independence, Great Britain comprised 13 colonies which had almost 2.5 million settlers. But soon, tensions among the colonies increased when Great Britain started having rigid control over them, which even led to the forced colonists paying increased taxes to the state. To end the colonial disruption, the American Revolution began. Thus, the resolution of independence was proposed in June 1776 by Richard Henry Lee of Virginia. On July 2, Lee's sanction was approved, and two days later (July 4), the Declaration of Independence was officially adopted. America became free from Great Britain on July 4, and thus, the day came to be recognized as US Independence Day.

As you have gained the utmost knowledge of the Fourth of July date, significance and history, it's time that you start the preparations for the national holiday and celebrate US Independence in the most festive manner. Greet each other with happy wishes and messages to instill a sense of pride and patriotism among your friends and family. Happy US' Independence Day 2022!

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