National Day of Prayer 2021: They say, “When all else fails, there’s prayer.” There are times when resorting to prayer is the only way out. However, there are also good times where people thank their respective Gods, thanking them for the good in their life too. People in the United States (US) observe the occasion of the National Day of Prayer annually. The US President signs a proclamation every year, which encourages every US citizen, of all faiths, to pray for the country on this auspicious day. There’s a lot to know about the National Day of Prayer in the US. Here’s everything you need to know about National Day of Prayer 2021 – its date, history, and significance.

National Day of Prayer 2021 Date

The event of the National Day of Prayer is observed on the first Thursday in May. Hence, the National Day of Prayer 2021 is observed on May 6 this year. It is the 69th anniversary of the National Day of Prayer this year. 

National Day of Prayer History

The first official observance of the National Day of Prayer took place in the year 1952 when then US President Harry S Truman signed a joint resolution in the United States Congress. The law was passed under his leadership, and since then, people of the US observe the National Day of Prayer grandly.

It was in the year 1988 when then US President Ronald Reagan signed another proclamation, which amended the current law and made the first Thursday, the official observance of National Day of Prayer.

However, the first call of prayer took place in the year 1775, by Continental Congress, where it asked the colonial countries to use their wisdom and unite to form a nation.

National Day of Prayer Significance

The observance of the National Day of Prayer is culturally and socially significant for the people of the US. People across all faiths come together and pray to their respective Gods. It is a sign of solidarity, and encouragement for all US citizens to pray and show their dedication to the Almighty.

National Day of Prayer is so popular in the US that its constitutionality was challenged in the court. However, it was unanimously dismissed by a panel in April 2011. People follow several rituals, traditions, customs, family gatherings, feasts, etc., to mark the celebrations of the day.

We at LatestLY wish you all a very Happy National Day of Prayer 2021. Do spend these grim times with your family and loved ones, and pray to God, wishing we get out of this pandemic phase soon.

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