National Hugging Day 2020 Quotes: Beautiful Sayings About Hugs To Send Your Favourite Person Online
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National Hugging Day is an annual event observed on January 21 in the United States. The day was first celebrated on January 21, 1986, in Michigan by Kevin Zaborney. The day encourages people to hug family and friends regularly as a sign of your love towards them. On this day people also send quotes, messages and wishes on hugging to remind people about the importance of the day. And as we celebrate the day, we have compiled a list of National Hugging Day 2020 wishes to send your family and friends. The list also includes WhatsApp Stickers, Facebook greetings, SMS, GIF Images, quotes and messages. Heart-Warming Video of Little Nusayba Giving Her Liver Donor, a Hug After Fighting Stage 4 Liver Cancer and Defeating It, Goes Viral!

National Hugging Day urges people to hug the important people in their life from family, friends, colleagues, neighbours or strangers. Various studies have proved that hugging improves the health and immunity system of people other than decreasing the risk of heart disease. It also lowers blood pressure and releases healthy hormones. Hence, let's spread love and hug our near and dear ones this National Hugging Day.

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“A Hug Is Like a Boomerang – You Get It Back Right Away.” Bil Keane

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“Millions and Millions of Years Would Still Not Give Me Half Enough Time to Describe That Tiny Instant of All Eternity When You Put Your Arms Around Me and I Put My Arms Around You.” Jacques Prevert

Hug day quotes (Photo Credits: File Photo)

“Everybody Needs a Hug. It Changes Your Metabolism.” Leo Buscaglia

National Hugging Day quotes (Photo Credits: File Photo)

“There’s Something in a Simple Hug That Always Warms the Heart, It Welcomes Us Back Home and Makes It Easier to Part…” Johnny Ray Ryder, Jr.

Hugging is a beautiful act which displays love and affection. It brings you closer to open and is a silent way to tell you love someone. While you can hug your loved person anytime and anywhere, doing it on a day meant for it will make the person feel special. We wish everyone National Hugging Day!