Heart-Warming Video of Little Nusayba Giving Her Liver Doner, a Hug After Fighting Stage 4 Liver Cancer and Defeating It, Goes Viral!
Girl battling cancer hugs her doner (Photo Credits: Twitter)

A beautiful video of a little cancer fighter is doing rounds on Twitter for all the right reasons. This little girl, Nusayba who was battling liver cancer underwent a liver transplant and is recovering from it. In the viral video that will melt your heart, she can be seen running in high spirits to hug the liver doner. Her father Ali, who contributes to the New York Times and CNN shared the video in a tweet that he captioned with: "Here's a video to give you hope & make you smile: our warrior princess Nusayba gave her liver donor @ShawnZed a hug today after ringing the bell. After 9 months of enduring stage 4 liver cancer, she is officially cancer-free. I'm so proud of her. She is the bravest person I know."

In the previous series of tweets, Ali wrote that Nusayba who is 3-years-old has successfully undergone a liver transplant. She had awakened after the surgery, said a few words to her parents and gone back to sleep, Ali wrote and also that She will recover in the hospital for a week or two. You have to take a look at this video that will make your day:

In one of the previous tweets, Ali had shared the joyous news by saying, "Allow me to interrupt the chaos with joyous news: our warrior princess, Nusayba Ali, rang the bell today! After 9 months, she is officially free from cancer & doesn't need chemo. Thank you all for your kindness & help in keeping her alive. Please send good vibes for her health."