Well, it's good news for people in throes of a heatwave across the world. Nude Recreation Week will begin on July 5 this year peeps. Right after the Fourth of July celebrations in the United States, we'll have Nude Recreation Week following at its heels. Considering as the country has recorded the hottest summer lately, it's a welcome respite from the scorching heat. Nude Recreation Week is a celebration of naturism - a fancy word used to practice nudity. This particular week is observed around the world. It's a week marketed as a tool to shed stress and experience complete freedom without being bound by fabrics. So this summer, shed your inhibitions and go completely clothes-free to beat the heat. Here's everything you need to know about the week that encourages nudity. Advantages of Nude Sun-Bathing: Research Says the Benefits Are More Than Just Vitamin D.

When is Nude Recreation Week? 

There's nothing quite like being completely rid of clothes and walking around naked. From living room to beaches it's quite honestly a freeing concept that should be wholeheartedly embraced. This year the Nude Recreation Week will be observed from July 5-11.

What is the Significance of Nude Recreation Week? 

Nude Recreation Week is celebrated by naturists across the world and it also encourages people o explore naturism. The idea and practice of naturism were tangential with the genesis of the hippie lifestyle around the 1960s. Then nudism spread with the "free beach movement" cropping up sporadically in many parts of the world. Following which many nude events were observed globally over the years. Eugene Callen and Lee Baxandall created nude events in the 1970s. National Nude Beach Day in 1976, following which National Nude Weekend was born in 1978. In 1992, the nude weekend would expand to a full week. Now naturism is embraced by many people. People find themselves liberated by their daily confinements.  There are an estimated 225,000 naturists just in North America. So this Nude Recreation Week shed your inhibitions along with your clothes. Happy Nude Week, Folks.

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