Parsi New Year 2020 is approaching. This year, the date of observance, also known as Navroz or Nowruz, falls on August 16. It is one of the main festivals of the Parsi community. Ahead of Navroz 2020, people in the Parsi community observes Pateti. It is the day called the day of repentance. Pateti is the last day of the Parsi year, and on this day, people repent all their sins and promise for a better start in the coming year. But do not wish 'Pateti Mubarak' to friends and family. Yes, as per the Parsi tradition, one should never wish Pateti Mubarak. Why? In this article, we will explain to you the history and significance of Pateti and the reason behind not wishing Pateti Mubarak, as we gear up to celebrate Navroz 2020.

Pateti History, Meaning and Significance

Pateti is the last day of the closing year in the Parsi community. The following day after Pateti is Navroz, the start of Parsi New Year. Many people often confuse between Pateti and Navroze and assume that Pateti is, in fact, the New Year. The name Pateti is said to have originated from the word, ‘Patet’ which means repentance. On this day, traditional meals are served, and special sweets and other dishes are prepared, as individuals repent their wrong deeds, before starting a new year, clean of their sins. Parsi New Year 2020: Know The Difference Between Pateti And Nowruz, Send Traditional Wishes and Greetings and Learn More About the Festival. 

Why You Should Not Wish ‘Pateti Mubarak?’

As we explained above, Pateti is the day of repentance. A lot of people send greetings to each other, wishing ‘Pateti Mubarak,’ and some even observe it as a day of rejoicing. But as per the tradition, Pateti is the last day of the Parsi year, the day before Nowruz. It is a day of intense introspection and day when you go over deeds of the entire year and repent your sins, promising that you will give a fresh start and be better in the coming year. Since, it is a day of repentance; one should never wish ‘Pateti Mubarak.’

Parsi New Year 2020, or Nowruz 2020 is fast approaching. This year’s celebration is bound to be different, unlike the previous years, because of the pandemic. However, the spirit of welcoming another year filled with hopes and aspirations remains the same.

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