Valentine Week is almost here and people have begun preparations. The season of love is celebrated with quite a lot of festivities across the world Valentine's Day 2020 will be marked on February 14. But it is not just a day-long celebration, but for a week leading upto the main day. The festival of love begins a week in advance, each of these days marking a gesture of romance, be it giving flowers, hugs or kisses. A lot of couples enjoy celebrating each and every day of Valentine's Day and want to make their partner feel special by exchanging these sweet gifts. So people often search for the exact dates of Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day leading up to the celebration of Valentine's Day on February 14. Ahead of Valentine's Day 2020, we make it easier for you by presenting a Valentines Week 2020 calendar, which has all the dates and days. You can easily download this Valentine Week 2020 calendar in PDF format so that you do not mix up on the dates and create a fiasco with your celebrations.

Valentine's Day is named after Christian saint St Valentine. He played an instrumental role to help forbidden couples to get married in ancient Rome. It is believed that St Valentine passed away on February 14, which is thus marked as a day of love. Over the year, the popularity of this observance grew far and wide that it has begun to be marked for a period of a week. Valentine's Week begins with Rose Day and ends with Kiss Day, leading to the actual celebration of Valentine's Day on February 14 which is the eight-day. Don't get confused, we give you a detailed calendar of each of the days of Valentines Week. Valentines Day 2020: Netizens Upcycle Christmas Trees to Create Beautiful Valentines Trees! Instagram LIT with Breathtaking Pics.

Valentine's Week 2020 Calendar With Dates

Sr No Valentine Week Day Date Day
1 Rose Day 2020 February 7 Friday
2 Propose Day 2020 February 8 Saturday
3 Chocolate Day 2020 February 9 Sunday
4 Teddy Day 2020 February 10 Monday
5 Promise Day 2020 February 11 Tuesday
6 Hug Day 2020 February 12 Wednesday
7 Kiss Day 2020 February 13 Thursday
8 Valentine’s Day 2020 February 14 Friday

Follow all these seven days leading up to Valentine's Day and make your partner feel special with all the love. No one day will be enough to express them all your love, so we hope you have a lovely celebration spanning throughout the week. Wish you all a Very Happy Valentine's Week 2020 in advance!

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