Karva Chauth is a very important festival for married Indian women. It falls on the fourth day after Purnima in the Kartik month of the Hindu calendar. Karva Chauth 2021 will be observed on October 24, Sunday.

As per Hindu mythology, women dress up with solah shringar i.e., 16 accessories, to beautify their look. We, at LatestLY, have brought together a list of items included in Solah shringaar that would enhance your beauty from head to toe as you dress up this KarvaChauth.  16 Suhagi Items That Are Essential for a Married Woman on This Festival.

1. Hair accessories

It is said that beautiful hair enchants the most. Therefore, start dressing up with the best accessories for the hair.

2. Maang tikka

It is believed that Maang Tikka symbolises the third eye and empowers the spiritual energies and intuitive powers. It is placed on the sixth chakra of the forehead called the Ajna chakra and represents the power of the soul and signifies concentration, control and preservation.

3. Sindoor

Sindoor is not an ornament but it is the most important item of the Solah Shringar. It signifies the married status of a woman and her husband’s well-being. Sindoor is applied in the centre of the hair partition, and it symbolises the energy of Parvati. Also, it is believed that if a woman wears sindoor, her husband is blessed with a long life by Goddess Parvati.

4. Bindi

The centre of the eyes between the two eyebrows is the place where the pituitary gland is located. Placing the bindi right in centre regulates many essential hormones in the body. And a matching bindi to your attire will completely glam your traditional look this Karva Chauth.

5. Kajal/Kohl

As per Superstitious beliefs, Kajal keeps away from the evil eyes and safeguards the bride. Also, it makes the eyes look bigger and adds to the beauty of the eyes.

6. Nose Ring

Nose ring is said to represent spirituality and bravery. Also, it is said that women with pierced nose face lesser pain at the time of childbirth

7. Mangalsutra

Though there are various different designs available in mangalsutra, a traditional mangalsutra with black beads keeps the bride away from the evil eyes. The red and gold ornaments symbolise the harmony of the married couple.

8. Earrings

Earrings give a complete look to the bride as she gets ready with the best on Karvachauth. It is also auspicious to wear gold, silver or diamond jewellery on this day.

9. Bajuband

Bajuband is another element that keeps the evil eye away from the married couple. Many women prefer wearing broad and heavy bajuband but the sleek ones still look the best.

10. Bangles

Bangles represent the energy of the bride. Though red and green bangles are considered very auspicious on the day, today, females wear bangles that match the colour of their dress.

11. Kamarband

Though the main purpose of kamarband is to hold the saree or lehenga right in place, it is also said to prevent fat saturation around the waist.

12. Mehendi

Mehendi has significance in Hindu culture due to its medicinal properties. Therefore, not just to add to the decorative purpose, mehendi also protects one from misery and diseases.

13. Anklets

Anklets are worn on ankles by women to draw attention to their presence and announce their entrance in the groom’s house and life.

14. Toe ring

Toe rings are worn in the second or all fingers of the toes and are connected to the uterus. It helps in revitalising the reproductive organs.

15. Bridal Attire

The bright colour of the clothes on karvachauth is a sign of the couple’s well-being. Therefore, many married women also prefer wearing their bridal outfits on this occasion.

16. Ring

Dainty or lavish, rings are an integral part of solah shringaar.

Glam your Karvachauth 2021 look by adding these solah shringaar items. Happy KarvaChauth 2021, everyone!

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