Dry Days in Mumbai 2021 List: Everyone is turning a new leaf this New Year. While many are planning to enjoy long weekends in New Year 2021, others will hang out with friends and family, and some will do all of it with a bit of booze. If you live in Mumbai and have plans to drink alcohol in 2021 New Year, you sure would want to stock up for the right occasion. Imagine, you step out on busy Mumbai city streets to buy liquor, only to find out that it is a 'dry day', and all the wine and beer shops are closed. All your plans would fall flat on your face. However, if you keep your stock ready in advance, you can enjoy your partying plans in 'high spirits'. At LatestLY, we help you by telling all the 'dry days in Mumbai in 2021', so that you can booze in good cheer. You can download Dry Day 2021 list for Mumbai for free download online where you can check complete calendar with festivals and dates when alcohol is not for sale in the maximum city! List of Dry Days 2021 in India, Free PDF Download: Check Complete Calendar With Festivals and Dates When Alcohol Is Not for Sale in the Country.

Mumbai is one of those cities where alcohol is consumed the most in India. However, if you want to avoid being on the wrong side of the law, you need to know about the dry days in Mumbai. The rules are stringent as buying/selling of alcohol on dry days is wholly prohibited. Hence, to avoid any last-minute situation, you need to know which days you cannot buy liquor in Mumbai.

Dry days are usually those days which are of national/public importance. Hence, as a goodwill gesture, there is a blanket ban on the sale of alcohol. Even in top metros like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and Kolkata, any beer, wine, whisky, scotch, rum, etc. is banned for sale. Hence, here's the calendar you need to follow to know the 'Dry Days in Mumbai in New Year 2021'.

Full Timetable of Dry Days in Mumbai 2021: Dates on when the sale of alcohol is banned in Mumbai


14 (Thursday) – Makar Sankranti

26 (Tuesday) – Republic Day

30 (Saturday) – Martyr's Day/Shaheed Diwas


19 (Wednesday) – Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti


8 (Monday) – Swami Dayanand Saraswati Jayanti

11 (Thursday) – Mahashivratri

29 (Monday) – Holi


2 (Friday) – Good Friday

14 (Wednesday) – Ambedkar Jayanti

21 (Wednesday) – Ram Navami

25 (Sunday) – Mahavir Jayanti


1 (Saturday) – Maharashtra Day

12 (Wednesday) – Eid ul-Fitr

13 (Thursday) – Eid ul-Fitr

June: No Dry Days


20 (Tuesday) – Ashadi Ekadashi

24 (Saturday) – Guru Purnima


10 (Tuesday) – Muharram

15 (Sunday) – Independence Day

30 (Monday) – Janmashthami


10 (Friday) – Ganesh Chaturthi

19 (Sunday) – Anant Chaturdashi


2 (Saturday) – Gandhi Jayanti

8 (Friday) – Prohibition Week

15 (Friday) – Dussehra

18 (Monday) – Eid-e-Milad

20 (Wednesday) – Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti


14 (Sunday) – Kartiki Ekadashi

19 (Friday) – Guru Nanak Jayanti

December: No Dry Days

If you look at the dry days' count in the calendar 2021, they are only 27. Not a big deal ha? Well, it is, if you are unplanned for dry days in Mumbai. Hence, keep a note of these days, when there will be a complete ban of alcohol in Maharashtra's capital city, i.e., Mumbai. Dry Days 2021 List for Delhi, Free PDF Download: Check Complete Calendar With Festivals and Dates When Alcohol Is Not for Sale in the Capital City of India.

It may sound too much for a 'City that Never Sleeps', 'City of Dreams', or 'Maximum City'. However, it is not. As much glamourous as it sounds, Mumbai has one of the stringent laws too, when it comes to alcohol and liquor. Hence, to avoid any troubles this calendar, here's your guide to 'dry days in Mumbai' in 2021.

Disclaimer: The author, and LatestLY, do not promote alcohol in any manner. The above piece of information is for informative purposes only. We believe in strict and lawful regulations when it comes to drinking responsibly.

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