FSSAI All Set to Revive Labelling Norms For Gluten-Free Products, Asks Consumers to Be Aware
FSSAI and Gluten containing products. (Photo Credit: pixabay)

New Delhi, June 17: The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is in a plan to revive the labelling norms for gluten-free claims on products. As per the information, the new norms would be applicable to gluten-free claims on products and would address the issue of cross-contamination of such products with gluten-containing products during manufacturing.

Making this information public, the FSSAI issued a guidance note for manufacturers and consumers on gluten-free foods. In the note, it mentioned that it is in the process of adding labelling provisions for addressing the issues of cross contamination. Chinese Girl Suffers From Constipation; Doctors Find 100 Undigested Bubble Tea Pearls in Her Stomach

According to the guidance note, the firms need to declare it on the label about the gluten-containing products which are also being manufactured in a plant while gluten-free products are manufactured. Additionally, it stated that only foods that contain 20 mg gluten/kg or less can be labelled as gluten-free, as per its current standards.

It said, as Business Line quotes, "FSSAI is also in the process of removing the provisions relating to the standard of 'Food specially processed to reduce gluten content to a level 20-100 mg/kg'…. and ‘Low Gluten and warning for low gluten’ from its regulations."

The food regulator made it very clear that packaged food manufacturers should establish separate storage and preparation areas for gluten-free and gluten-containing ingredients. Also, hotels and restaurants are advised to keep gluten-free options at their outlets, it said.

Addressing to the consumer, the FSSAI said that consumers should be aware when seeking gluten-free options, as 'wheat-free' foods may contain grain such as barley and rye. Apart from this, the regulator advised consumers to check the label when buying gluten-free products, look for a certification mark, ingredients, allergen warning among others.