Most of us are already set with our long list of New Year's Resolutions as we enter New Year 2022. However, one area that we seem to skip over is taking care of our mental health. While we have various goals set for our professional life, physical health, and more, there is little we do to ensure our mental health is also on track. Well, you can change that this New Year by choosing to follow these simple New Year's 2022 resolutions that help you on the road to healthy mental health practices. New Year Resolutions for 2022: Five Steps to Making Sure You Follow Them Without Fail!

1. Make Time for Yourself

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One of the easiest ways to ensure you are giving yourself the TLC you need is to have dedicated Me-Time. It can be as simple as a few minutes of guided meditation to align your thoughts or some relaxing dance sessions a day to fill your soul with all the endorphins, but making time for yourself and everything you want to do outside of your responsibilities will go a long way in ensuring you are hearty and healthy. (PS - making this time in normal hours instead of claiming the night as most people tend to do might be better!)

2. Take Breaks

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In a world that worships hustle culture, taking breaks can be a mammoth task. However, it is crucial for our peace of mind. So take frequent breaks. This not only means taking breaks during the weekdays but actually utilizing your holidays more and making time to add experiences that make your heart happy.

3. Feel Your Feelings 

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While most of us tend to avoid being sad or angry, actually sitting with our feelings and understanding where they are stemming from can do a lot to help you understand your own emotions and mental health better. So feel all the feelings in 2022. And when you do, journal them. Because as any mental health professional will tell you, penning down your emotions can be life-changing.

4. Your Physical Health Can Help Your Mental Health 

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Here's a vicious circle we have all faced - the urge to workout, but the mental lethargy that stands in the way. Well, the one thing we need to do is overcome mental lethargy. Because being physically active can help improve your mental health monumentally.

5. Don't Let Your Mood Affect Your Food 

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And the last resolution that you can make to ensure you are healthier in the coming year is to promise to eat your meals on time, irrespective of your mood. More often than not, we let our emotions control our basic necessities, and 2022 needs to be the year where we reclaim this power. Lucky Fruits For Happy New Year 2022: From Peaches To Grapes, DO EAT These 5 Fruits to Attract Good Luck, Prosperity And Positive Energy!

Here's hoping everyone has a Happy & Healthy New Year 2022!

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