Best Couple Sleeping Positions to Bond and Have a Good Night's Sleep With Your Partner
Couple Sleeping Positions (Photo Credits: Needpix)

As you come home from a long day, you may want nothing more than to snuggle with your partner and slowly drift off to sleep. And when you are hitting the sack and closing your eyes, you are probably not giving much thought about your sleeping position. Of course you are not awake to know whether you start on your belly and end up on your side or vice versa, but there's a perfect sleeping position for every type of couple. Read on to find out which one suits you best.

1. The Paper Doll

Sleeping on your back can be great for your spine and neck but how do you snuggle with your partner if laying on your back is your favourite sleeping position? Since you really do not have too many options for snuggling, simply hold hands or play footsie to feel connected and secure. Feng Shui Tips for Couples: 7 Ways to Attract Love and Romance in Your Bedroom.

2. The Classic Spoon

Sleeping on your sides can not only ease pressure on your back but it can be a classic sleeping position for couples who have back problems. While you hug your partner from behind, just bend your knees and stick a pillow in between them to prevent waking up with stiff legs and back.

3. The Side Saddle

This can be an excellent sleeping position for couples who like to alternate between sleeping on their stomach and the sides. If you like to cuddle and they complain that your body heat makes them feel toasted, simply hold them from behind and place a small pillow under their tummy. This set-up will take the pressure off their back, provide them space and give you skin-to-skin benefits.

4. The Just-A-Touch

If you both like to have your own space in bed, just sleep facing your back towards each other and touch lightly with your buttocks. Just place a pillow between your legs to support your lower back and make sure that the pillow under your head is of proper height to keep your neck in a neutral position. Beating Insomnia: The Only 3 Tips You Need to Get the Best Night’s Sleep.

5. The Space Between

If you do not prefer any kind of touch, just sleep back-to-back without touching. According to a British study, this position shows both closeness and independence. Staying cool is crucial for a good night's sleep and with this position, you will bond while keeping away the body heat buzzing between you. Relationship Advice for Couples: Teasing Your Partner Playfully Can Make Lasting Strong Bond

6. The Intertwined Sleepers

If full-body contact makes you feel secure, you can sleep intertwined in whichever position you are comfortable. However, make sure that you drift a little apart before you drift off. Ten minutes in an awkward position is fine for anybody with a healthy spine but skip this one if you have neck or back problems.

A bad night's sleep can be a mood-killer in many ways. So try one of these positions and tell us which your favourite one is.