Don’t Blame Nicotine for Smoking Deaths! Are E-Cigarettes Safer Than Traditional Cigarettes?
e-cigarette ( Representational Image/ Picture credit: Flickr)

The Association of Vapors India (AVI) has released a statement saying that nicotine should not be held responsible for smoking-related deaths. The statement was made in response to a possible blanket ban by the government on e-cigarettes. The association contends that the ban might create a negative impression about vaping and e-cigarettes in general.

Samrat Chowdhery, director of AVI stated that there is a widespread misconception about the health risks of vaping, which has led many Indian states to ban e-cigarettes. This move has deprived smokers of a safer way of inhaling nicotine, according to the association which defends alternative, safer methods of vaping.

Chowdhery says that the e-cigarettes and vaping have become victims of negative public perception. An e-cigarette is a battery-operated, hand-held device that contains nicotine as well as varying compositions of flavourings, propylene, glycol, vegetable glycerine and other ingredients.

The association argues that e-cigarettes don’t share the negative health outcomes of traditional cigarettes, which releases tar and other toxic chemicals. E-cigarettes, by virtue of its nicotine content, only create dependence among the smokers. But unlike cigarettes, e-cigarettes don’t cause life-threatening risks. The carcinogens in the cigarettes are produced when tobacco is burned. This is the reason why e-cigarettes are a safer option for those who are addicted to smoking. It gives them the necessary high, without the horrible side-effects.

The claim was supported in the past by Michael Russell, who propounded the famous tobacco harm reduction theory that the harm was caused by tar in the tobacco. Chowdhury reiterated that nicotine itself is not the villain.

The AVI also said that nicotine can also have positive effects like those of caffeine in tea and coffee, which can sharpen cognitive powers and raise heart rate. Read how e-cigarettes can harm your health.