Face Yoga for Dark Circles: Easy Asanas to Get Rid of Raccoon Eyes for Good
Dark Circles (Photo Credits: Needpix)

If you would try anything except make-up and face-lift to look youthful, face yoga may be right up your alley. Just doing a few simple moves daily, can help relax your under eye muscles and fade dark circles. Besides, they will also boost the elasticity of your skin and keep you looking younger. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is not. Ever wondered how yoga enthusiasts and fitness gurus have the most glowy, younger looking skin? So ditch the make-up and try these easy moves for a fresher and rejuvenated facial look.

Eye Circles

Place your index fingers on the ends of your eyebrows. Now gently tap around your eyes following the top of your brows and continue doing so under your eyes, at the top of your cheekbones to the inside corners of your eyes. Repeat, in the opposite direction making little tapping motions. This is a great technique to plump and firm the area and increase collagen and elastin. This technique will also help relax the muscles, reduce under-eye wrinkles, and boost blood circulation to prevent dark circles.

Clock Face

Look up to the ceiling and slowly move your eyeballs anti-clockwise. At 6 O'clock, look down towards the floor and complete one circle to come back to 12 O'clock. Now move your eyeballs clockwise. Close your eyes for a moment, allow some rest and then open them again. Doing this will give a healthy glow to the eye area. Desi Ghee Beauty Benefits for Skin and Hair: Dry Hair to Dark Circles, Say Goodbye to 7 Problems With Clarified Butter (Watch Video).

Flirty Eyes

Place your index finger under the eyes and pull the top lip and bottom lip away from each other, hiding the teeth. Now look towards the ceiling and flutter your eyelids for 30 seconds.  By lifting the eyebrows in this technique, you will reduce the lines under the eyes while strengthening the muscles around the mouth. Skin Issues: What Your Face Says About Your Health.

Puppet Face

To begin with, place the tip of your fingers where your cheeks crinkle on your face when you smile. Push your cheeks up at this point and hold the smile. Stay in this pose for thirty seconds and then return to your original pose. This will help increase the blood circulation to the area under your eyes. Don't Avoid Yellow Spots in Eye! It Can be Early Sign of Dementia.

Although these methods might not look serious (you may just have to struggle to keep a straight face doing facial yoga for the first time), they are worth being taken seriously.