Keto Hair Loss: How to Prevent Thinning of Hair on the High Fat, Low Carb Ketogenic Diet
Hair loss (Pixabay Images)

Okay so you have lost some serious weight with the keto diet, but do you also notice more than usual hair in your hairbrush and clothes? Can you blame your diet for the loss? Can the keto diet be leading to all the nutrient deficiencies and causing your tresses to shed? Health experts have always advocated a balanced diet for optimum health, so obviously, cutting down on a few items can have side effects and unfortunately, hair fall is one.

What Causes Hair Loss in a Keto Diet?

Two major factors in keto diet that could be leading to hair loss are lack of protein and rapid weight loss. Since keto swaps carbohydrates for high amounts of fats and a moderate amount of protein, not getting enough protein could lead to a deficiency that agrees with your hair loss woes. Without adequate protein, your skin will not have the necessary building blocks for hair growth. That said, severe calorie restriction which causes your body to conserve more energy and spend less energy on hair growth may be a bigger cause of hair loss.

Another possible cause of keto-related shedding is the diet that puts a lot of stress on the body. When you are on ketosis, using fat for energy may limit your ability to allow hair to grow optimally. Lazy Keto: This Twist on Ketogenic Diet to Lose Weight Is Unbelievably Easy.

What Should You Do If Your Hair Is Thinning?

Your doctor will be the best person to determine what’s going on in your body. If he suspects diet, he may ask you to make certain changes on what goes on your plate like eating more protein. Apart from your diet, there are also certain ways to tackle hair loss like taking OTC supplements and doctor-prescribed medications.

Anecdotally, swearing by biotin as a supplement may help promote hair growth. However, it is always a good idea to consult your doctor before taking a new supplement or making changes in your diet. Keto Diet Foods for Office: 8 Best Low Carb, High Fat Healthy Ketogenic Snacks on the Go!

How to Prevent Hair Loss on a Keto Diet?

The good news that you will be able to stave off keto-induced hair loss if you keep a watch on your nutrient intake from the get-go. Ensure that each day you get at least 15 percent of your total calories from protein. A high multi-vitamin diet can also be helpful to avoid nutritional deficiencies and prevent hair loss.

Finally, while the weight loss results of the keto diet are impressive, slow and steady should always be the way to go when it comes to avoiding the unpleasant side effects. Focus on moderate weight loss than rapid weight loss.