Lazy Keto: This Twist on Ketogenic Diet to Lose Weight Is Unbelievably Easy
Lazy keto diet (Photo Credits: Pixabay and File photo)

If you have even for once searched, "easy ways to lose weight" on Google, you must have surely come across the word "Keto diet" or "Ketogenic diet" in the search result. The diet which in short, has a simple rule of intaking about 5% of your daily calories come from carbs, 80% to 90% of your calories come from fat, and the remaining from protein, is extremely popular for helping you lose weight really soon. The diet is also sometimes fondly called "the cheese diet" because you can eat as much fat as you want to, which means you get to eat a lot of cheese. However, there is a new twist to this diet to make it even easier for the people on the original keto diet to lose weight.  Keto Breakfast Recipes: Ditch Expensive Restaurants! Quick and Easy Meals You Can DIY at Home If You Are on a Ketogenic Diet.

The idea behind the low fat and high carb diet is to reduce the carbohydrates intake drastically and increase the consumption of fat. The body then enters into a metabolic state called ketosis where it becomes possible to burn fat as fuel to generate energy. The fat in your body turns into ketones in the liver supplying energy to our brain. Reduction in blood sugar and insulin level are also observed while practising this diet. Keto Diet Foods for Beginners: 29 Healthiest Ketogenic Ingredients to Add to Your Diet.

What Is Lazy Keto?

Lazy keto is a twist given to the regular keto diet where all the rules of the Ketogenic diet have been boiled down to just one thumb rule wherein you do not eat more than 20 grams of carbs a day. You don't have to now track your calories, neither do you have to count the macronutrients such as fat and protein. However, just like there is a flipside to everything, this simpler version of the keto diet too has some flaws. Keto For Beginners: What is Ketogenic Diet? 5 FAQs Answered By An Expert.

While it seems easy to just focus on carbs and you might lose weight as well, however you are more likely to hit a weight-loss plateau. Moreover, you'll also have to kind of keep your protein intake down because protein acts like carbs as well. If your diet is protein dominant, there are chances that your body starts making glucose from protein through a process called gluconeogenesis. Keto controls the body's metabolism and should be opted for with utmost care and clarity.

BEST Lazy Keto Meals: 

However, with a few twists and tweaks you can actually opt for the lazy keto diet, but did you know there is another version to the ketogenic diet? It is called the "dirty keto," and it is not what you are thinking! In this case, you follow the similar macronutrient breakout except you don't check the quality of the foods. Also, you must remember one thing that no diet can be termed as bad for your body, provided you keep changing your diet plan as per the guidance from your dietitian.

(This article is written for an informative purpose and should not be substituted for medical advice. Kindly consult your doctor before trying any tips.)