National Garlic Day is a day to celebrate the vegetable, also known as the stinking rose. It is observed every year on April 19. National Garlic Day can be celebrated by cooking one of your best dishes using this tiny vegetable. You can also attend a garlic festival worldwide or share your favourite recipes using garlic. Garlic is a wonder vegetable taste that adds fantastic taste and aroma to a regular dish. Along with the taste, it has many health benefits as well. As you celebrate National Garlic Day 2022, we at LatestLY have made a list of amazing health benefits that you can have from this member of the lily family. National Garlic Day 2022: 5 Easy and Delicious Dishes Every Garlic Lover Must Try Once (Watch Videos).

Highly Nutritious and Low Calorie

Garlic is an extremely nutritious vegetable. It contains manganese, vitamin B6, vitamin C, selenium, fibre and decent amounts of calcium, copper, potassium, phosphorous, iron and vitamin B1. It is low in calories and high in nutrition.

Contains Compounds With Medicinal Properties

Throughout the ancient history, the primary use of garlic was for its health and medicinal benefits. Scientists claim that most health benefits are due to sulphur compounds formed when a garlic clove is chopped, crushed or chewed.

Active Compounds Can Reduce Blood Pressure

According to certain human studies, garlic supplements significantly reduce blood pressure in people with high blood pressure. In some cases, garlic may be as effective as regular medications.

May Improve Athletic Performance

Garlic was once used as a performance-enhancing substance. It was given to Olympic athletes in Greece. In ancient culture, it was traditionally used to reduce fatigue and enhance the work capacity of labourers.

May Improve Bone Health

Garlic improves oestrogen levels in women, which further has some benefits for bone health.

As garlic has numerous health benefits, it can also help one live a longer life. Being an antioxidant and helping lower blood pressure, the stinking rose can actually be very good medicine for human beings.

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