New Year’s Day 2020 Fitness Goals: 5 Easy Exercises to Lose Weight and Start Off a Great New Year (Watch Videos)
Exercise For New Year 2020 (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Happy New Year's Day 2020! All of us have made some or the other new year resolution. Many individuals who did not utilise the year 2019 by exercising and get into better shape should consider 2020 to improve their health. Exercise is not just necessary for body maintenance, but it is also vital for good health. Let's look at some easy exercises that will help you begin your New Years' Day on a positive note and of course, it will help you stay fit and lose weight. New Year 2020 Fitness Quotes & Images: Best Workout Sayings to Motivate You to Stick to Your Healthy Lifestyle Resolution From January 1.

It is necessary to keep the body moving and agile to avoid injuries. Just thirty minutes of exercise every day can help prevent various diseases and also make the joints stronger. Dieting does play an important role in weight loss but it has to go along well with regular exercise to achieve a well-toned body. Now without any further delay, let us explore the five simple exercise, which can help you achieve a fitter body.

1. Push-Up

Perform three to four sets of fifteen repetitions initially. If you are a beginner then perform a push-up with knee support to improvise the form and develop the strength to perform this exercise. After a few days of regular practice, push-ups can be performed and repetitions can be increased gradually. This exercise will tone up the chest, strengthen the upper back and also work on core muscle.

Watch Video of Knee Support Push-Up:

Watch The Perfect Push Up Form Video: 

2. Squat

This lower body exercise can avoid knee injuries if performed perfectly. At the same time, the squat can also accelerate the fat loss process. Initially, box- squat can be performed with 15 repetitions of three sets. After developing a good form and balance, regular bodyweight squat can be performed.

How to Perform Box Squat? Here's The Video:

Here' s Video on How to Perform Regular Bodyweight Squat? 

3. Lunges

Perform three sets of bodyweight lunges to develop strong quadriceps. It also activates the glute muscle and helps in improving posture and body balance. Make sure that the knees don't cross the toes while executing the movement.

How to Perform Lunges? Watch Video

4. Step Up Exercise

This exercise increases the heart rate and assists in fat loss. Step-up exercise also develops endurance at the same time works on lower body muscles and also helps in reducing belly fat.

How to Perform Step Up Exercise? Watch Video

5. Planks

This exercise works on the development of core muscle and is indeed an effective way to burn belly fat. Initially, perform three sets of planks with thirty seconds hold in each set.

How to do Straight Arm Planks

The above exercises will not take more than thirty minutes to complete. Make sure, that the resting period between each set is not more than one minute. Don't forget to do some warm-up before starting this exercise. The warm-up should include slight hoping for a minute or so followed by an arm rotation and shoulder rotation for good mobility. Also try to eat good digestible carbs for pre-workout, which should be eaten at least an hour before beginning the session. If you are working out early morning, then a cup of black coffee just before the workout is good for fat loss.

(This article is written for an informative purpose and should not be substituted for medical advice. Kindly consult your doctor before trying any tips.)