Save Lakhs In A Year By Investing In Your Health! Here's How Getting a Gym Membership or a Health Insurance Can Make You Rich
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Here's the thing about being healthy. It isn't the cheapest option. Sure cooking yourself a nutritious dinner can cost you more than a McDonald's burger and the cost of gym membership may just be enough to demotivate you from hitting the gym, but the medical bills you endure at the end of the year can make a serious hole in your pocket. What you may not realise is that by investing money in your health, you are saving your capital to buy the most luxurious car or travel to that ornate destination. Here's how!

Buying Organic and Exotic Foods

Sure inexpensive, local fruits and vegetables are healthy, but if you think it is not worth to fill your pantry with super foods like berries or avocados, think again. Eating a healthy diet rich in produce can reduce your risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer. In fact, berries are touted to be one of the best anti-cancer foods. So while you may just spend Rs 2,000 extra in a month in those exotic foods, you may just end up spending a lakh over the year in managing the diseases. So why not compromise on that branded dress and invest in organic foods?

Getting a Gym Membership

While hiring a personal trainer can be a little costly, enrolling yourself in a local gym will not cost you more than Rs 3,000 in a month, unless you are going to a really fancy one. Sure you can go for that brisk walk or practice yoga in the comfort of your home, but it is a general attitude to not take anything seriously unless there is money involved in it. Maybe that is why we never end up waking early in the morning, no matter how hard we try. Apart from keeping the number on your scale from creeping up, working out daily can can keep heart disease and other lifestyle problems at bay. CrossFit vs Gym: Which Is Better? Here's Everything You Should Know

Visiting a Therapist

If you feel stressed out most of the times, it is best to see a therapist. While you may think that spending an hour with a therapist is a waste of your time and resources, talking to an expert can actually ease your mind and improve your overall health. Stress and anxiety has been linked to weight gain, menstrual cycle problems and even heart attacks. So by spending Rs 1000 in seeing a therapist, you easily end up saving thousands on those gynaecologist and physician visits. Here's Why Mental Health of Youngsters Should Be Taken Seriously

Doing a Health Insurance

Yes, you eat healthy and workout everyday but what happens when you meet with an unfortunate accident? You end up blowing lakhs of money getting treated in the hospital. Getting a health insurance done can always keep you covered. Many policies also bear your doctor visits and medications months after hospitalisation. So it is definitely a smart investment. If you take a good individual claim, you will hardly even end up spending Rs 1,000 in a month. Here's Why Universal Health Coverage is Important. 

To sum it up, you will not only save money by avoiding chronic health issues, maintaining your weight is also good for your financial well-being. Being overweight which is defined as having a BMI of 25 to 30 will cost you, mostly due to higher medical costs. You can also add loss of pay to that. Being ill most of the times can make it difficult for you to show up at work.